“As a young person, I have always had the privilege of having different people take an interest in me, believe in me and motivate me to achieve my goals. I want to share that experience and appreciation with the younger generation.”

This was the response of one of our mentors when asked why she is involved in the role models project.

What exactly is mentoring?

At Vorbilder, we rely on a 1:1 principle: A volunteer mentor meets with his/her mentee once a month for at least one year. The mediation is done by us. Mentor*in and mentee undertake leisure activities and work together on the goals of the mentee. The benefits of mentoring are many. Studies show that good mentoring can lead to greater career success for individuals, increased opportunities, enhanced self-confidence, and they gain practical skills. The role model approach is to identify and promote resources, skills, and strengths, and to guide and empower youth in finding their identity.

What is the role of the mentor?

For us, mentors have an accompanying and supporting function. They try to get the best out of people by learning about their strengths and using them to create solutions together. They understand that people have different learning styles and experiment with them to find the one that works best for the individual. A great* mentor* is also aware that everyone has unique circumstances and problems. Advice that works for one person may not apply to another. This helps him/her recognize his/her mentee's unique challenges and provide advice tailored to them.

What is the role of the mentee?

Our mentees are children and young people between the ages of 10-17 who want to be encouraged and supported. Through the encouragement and guidance of a trusted and experienced mentor, a mentee can develop personally and academically.

Key benefits of mentoring for mentees include:

  • Learning about new ideas and ways of thinking
  • Developing strengths and overcoming weaknesses
  • Advice on career development and advancement
  • The opportunity to develop new skills and knowledge