Key facts: Future of Ghana Germany

Future of Ghana Germany is/has been a certified provider of voluntary youth welfare since January 2021 and an Independent Youth Welfare Organization.

The main goals of our child and youth welfare program are:

  • To prevent and reduce disadvantages for young people
  • To advise and support parents and guardians
  • To protect children and adolescents from dangers to their well-being
  • To create and maintain a child- and family-friendly environment where young people and their families can thrive

The child and youth protection concept:

Members and partners of Future of Ghana Germany e.V. work with young people through our Vorbilder and other mentoring programs. Our work is primarily focused on empowering and supporting young Black boys and girls, and promoting their active involvement in German society. An appreciative, empowering approach, which is characterized by a bond between mentor and mentee, is central to our work. Through our Vorbilder program, we give young Black boys and girls (mentees) someone to be guided by and look up to in the form of Black adults (mentors) with outstanding qualities. The visibility and representation of the diversities within the Black community are paramount, which is why we’ve created a space where mentors and mentees of all shades and backgrounds can feel welcome. Through our welfare program, we are able to support the personal developments of our mentees and provide them with access to cultural and educational opportunities and resources inaccessible to them elsewhere. Certainly, the protection of the physical and psychological well-being of the children and young adults in our program is of the utmost importance. Currently, we are able to provide each child and young adult with a „SaferSpace“ and will continue to develop it in accordance with the current child and youth protection guidelines.

Kinderschutz und ein am Wohl der anvertrauten Kinder und Jugendlichen orientiertes Denken und Handeln ist ein zentraler Wert unserer Arbeit.Wir sehen das Konzept als einen Prozess, den es stetig weiter zu entwickeln gilt.